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Let’s Just Take a Moment to Celebrate Shia LaBeouf’s Style Journey

As actor Shia LaBeouf celebrates another successful trip around the sun on June 11, we celebrate his impeccably independent style sensibly.

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Hailed as one of the most stylish men of the last decade, LeBeouf has proven that effortless (read: no effort required) dressing can rule supreme. Crowned by Kanye as the King of normcore, we prefer to refer to it more as normalized chaos. And we can’t get enough.

After shedding his cardboard cutout ‘movie-star’ wardrobe in favor of this now signature ‘take me as you find me’ archaic approach, his leading man persona faded – unearthing a true style icon.

And a true style icon being? Someone who dresses for who they are, not what they are perceived to be.

We take a look back at some of our favorite moments from his ineradicable style symphony.


For more celebrated Shia awesomeness follow this impressive style tracker account, and happy birthday, Mr LaBeouf!

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