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Etro Horse Printed Linen Scarf


We’re going to be honest with you here. When we first saw this linen Etro scarf, we couldn’t help but wonder: is there really someone above the age of 14 who could get away with a horse printed scarf? The answer is yes, but there are some rules. Grab a pen and write this down.

First of all: unless you’re part of a desert jeep rally, never, under any circumstances, wrap this scarf around your head. We understand that you need to protect yourself from nasty UV rays, but Borsalino invented fedoras for a reason. Second: wear your gear with flair. If you want to be taken seriously, try to understand that nobody needs to see the actual horse on your scarf. So instead of just hanging it around your neck, wrap it—all of it. Last, but not least: less is more, so keep it clean and combine this scarf with a white shirt, brown chinos, and some classic Converse sneakers.  Class dismissed.

US $310; AED/SAR 1,140 

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