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Another Day, Another Scarf: Etro Linen Embroidered Scarf


We know what you might be thinking. A scarf? By Etro? Again? We totally feel you, but in our defense, this one’s quite different from the horse printed piece we presented you with last time—and yes, even though one should always stand by his decisions, we couldn’t help but notice that today’s scarf is a bit more sophisticated. Featured with a black embroidered print and frayed ends, this handsome scarf is easier to style and is also a tribute to two of our favorite things this summer: beige and linen. Most suitable for breezy days (or when you’re yachting around the Mediterranean with your friends).

You see, we like our scarfs to subtly hint at decadence and this piece ticks all the right boxes. That is, of course, until we find a scarf that’s even better. Hey, we’re only human.

US $192; AED/SAR 704

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