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Unconventional Irreverence: Urwerk UR-105M


Breaking with horological tradition, the aesthetic of the Urwerk UR-105M is anything but pretty. Encased in steel (the timepiece comes in a cold, brushed steel or a midnight-black titanium casing), the housing was made to resemble brushed armor, which serves to shield the four forged-aluminum satellites as they rotate in unison. Beneath the armored shell, the satellites slowly orbit the minute scale, upon which a canopy covers the other hourly numbers to highlight the current time. Rather than having the seconds displayed on the watch’s face, an internal honeycomb disc indicates the passing of 10 seconds, which is synchronized to the seconds’ indication on the side of the caseband along with the power reserve.

The name “Urwerk” is actually a play on the German word “Uhrwerk,” meaning “clockwork.” The “Ur” in Urwerk’s name refers to the ancient Sumerian city of Ur, where over 6,000 years ago people used giant sundials to measure time; the “werk” refers to the German noun “das Werk” meaning “work” or “creation.”

Urwerk’s Swiss Founders, master watchmaker Felix Baumgarther and chief designer Martin, Frei have been challenging tradition since 1997, and were awarded the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (the highest award in watchmaking) in 2011.

Now, what’s your excuse for being late to work?

US $66,000+; AED/SAR 242,000+

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