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Support Local: 1971 – Design Store to Open in the Heart of Sharjah

Photo: Instagram/@thisishatch

Photo: Instagram/@thisishatch

If you needed one more reason to visit the newly renovated Souq Al Shanasiyah within the Heart of Sharjah, this might be it—the traditional market is now home to the 1971 – Design Store, a concept boutique that will stock an array of products made by local and regional designers. Featuring newly commissioned work as well as designs that can be found across the UAE and the Gulf, the store will display furniture pieces created from local resources, 3D-printed jewelry, handmade and locally designed pottery, and homeware, hand-dyed textiles and garments, and stationary highlighting Arabic typography, among other objects.

The heritage site already hosts a number of local brands—such as Kharaz, known for its rosary beads, and Bait Al Kandora that offers bespoke Emirati menswear—and the launch of the 1971 – Design Store on February 13th is in line with promoting the talents emerging within the region.

1971 – Design Store’s sister concept, 1971 – Design Space, is also located in Sharjah at Flag Island, and hosts exhibitions as well as discussions on different forms of contemporary design.

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