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The Ascari Copper 3 Speed Bicycle

Within the cycling world, the overarching trend leans towards mass produced, space-aged carbon fiber rides. Helio Ascari, a former fashion model turned bike designer, along with skilled frame builder Gary Mathis, set about to craft bicycles with a heightened focus on details and an unerring faith in its classic form.

Inspired by the aesthetic of the 1920s and 1930s, the Copper 3 Speed pedals casual riding into a new realm of style. The most beautiful components of the bike are handcrafted: brake levers and grips are composed of brass, wood, and leather, while a shift lever is made from exotic wood. You can even add a handmade air pump. While the bicycle’s other components come in a variety of options, cyclists can enjoy the luxury of handpicking their preferred tires, headset, crankset, and color.

In fact, these rides are so stunning, Ralph Lauren couldn’t help but have one custom made for himself. And with no seat for a chauffeur on the bikes, we wonder if we’ll find him riding his Ascari around Central Park. Now that would be a pleasant surprise.

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