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eL Seed Sends a Powerful Message About Perception

Celebrated Tunisian street artist eL Seed has revealed his latest self-funded project titled Perception during Art Dubai 2016. Renowned for his poetic and elaborate calligraffiti—eL Seed’s compositions have decorated walls in New York City, Paris, and Jeddah. His latest urban masterpiece takes shape in the form of an anamorphic, circular mural canvassed over 50 buildings in the neighborhood of Mokkatam Mountain in Cairo, Egypt.

The work challenges the topic of perception and how judgment and misconceptions can divide societies. His artwork shines light on the Zareeb community known as “Zabaleen,” which translates to “garbage people” in Arabic. The community is looked down on regardless of its contribution to the Egyptian capital’s lucrative recycling system by way of collecting and sorting through the city’s trash.

What took a year to plan and three weeks to complete, the finished artwork transformed the neighborhood’s dreary, slum-like building facades into a beautiful motif featuring the words of Saint Athanasius of Alexandria in Arabic, “Anyone who wants to see the light clearly needs to wipe his eyes first.” Featuring electrifying colors balanced with stark white lettering, the art piece can be visible as a complete circle from one optical viewpoint—the top of Mokkatam Mountain.

Take a look at the gallery above to see the project’s highlights from start to finish.

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