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Book It: Nat Geo Around The World In 125 Years


There are some books that we literally judge by their covers and buy simply because they go well with our furniture. And then there are other books that, once opened, reveal a treasure trove of adventures.

We ask that you please kick back, fasten your seatbelts, and turn off all personal electronic devices, as the internationally acclaimed National Geographic photographers are about to take you on a journey.

Celebrating 125 years of outstanding photography, National Geographic, art book publisher Taschen, and some of the most acclaimed photographers like Steve McCurry, James Nachtwey, and George Rodger present you with National Geographic Around The World In 125 Years, an oversized, 3-volume set that showcases stunning images of travel, wildlife, and culture—and some have never before been published.

This limited edition (125,000 copies worldwide) contains three volumes: Americas and Antarctica, Europe and Africa, and Asia and Oceania and comes with a slipcase which can be turned into a bookstand.

We hope you enjoy the flight.

US $500; AED/SAR 1,840

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