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Naomi Campbell Reminds Us Who Takes the Gold

With a motto that states “For the Game,” FIFA undoubtedly enjoys peacocking itself as the world ambassador of the “beautiful game” of football.

That said, during the World Cup, FIFA banned all players from wearing their preferred Beats by Dre headphones in stadiums and at media events. The decree was motivated by FIFA’s licensing agreement with Beats’ mortal rival, Sony, who sent all the World Cup players a free set of headphones.

Not to be undone, Beats by Dre, known for its marketing magic and for boasting the backing of the near unlimited coffers of Apple, sent a pair of 24K gold headphones to each of the German players after their World Cup win last Sunday.

The icing on this PR stunt, was a photo shoot showing off the golden headgear and an attempt at a viral video covering the momentous occasion. Posted on YouTube, the video stars Naomi Campbell, who appears to have transformed herself into a living World Cup trophy, bragging on behalf of Beats for having sent the gold trinkets to the World Cup winners; and sending a clear message to FIFA that it should pick its battles.

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