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The Cool Factor: Adidas Launches Climachill Clothing Line


This news is cool, literally: Adidas has released a new clothing line for men’s and women’s named Climachill, and according to the brand, this new line of athletic cooling apparel “lowers your temperature and raises your game.”

“The aluminum cooling spheres used in the Climachill range provide an instant chill effect to keep athletes at their peak optimum temperatures to perform at their best in any conditions,” explained Heike Leibl, Senior Vice President of training at Adidas, in an official release, emphasizing that the brand is constantly striving to create innovations that allow a more efficient athletic performance.

The so-called cooling spheres—technical fabrics merged with aluminum and woven with titanium flat yarn, which evaporate the heat from your body—are applied on the back, arms, and neck area, and cool skin on contact. In addition to that, micro “mesh” fibers absorb the excess moisture away from the skin. Adidas further stated that the quality of the new apparel line was rigorously tested by using a 95-degree hot plate to simulate critical functions of the human skin.

The Climachill clothing, including running, training and tennis tees, tanks and shorts, is available now from US $40 (AED/SAR 146) to US $60 (AED/SAR 220) on

Now you know what to wear in case your AC gives up on you.

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