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How to Buy the Perfect Thobe

thamanyah-ahmed-abdelrahman-on-how-to-buy-the-perfect-thobe-for-menA well-cut thobe is a necessary feature in your wardrobe—it stands for tradition, comfort, and, most of all, impeccable style. The only stipulation is that you buy the right one.

Originally crafted in Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, the thobe (which is the Arab definition of “garment”) is normally made with a cotton blend or silk fabric and can also be described as an ankle-length tunic. Warmer materials such as sheep’s wool and cashmere can also be used, especially in colder places like the South of Morocco. The thobe comes in many styles: short-sleeved (mostly seen in Tunisia and Morocco), embroidered (mostly seen in Saudi Arabia), and of course, we have the mother of all thobes—the white cotton polyester blend basic design, which is widely worn in the Gulf.

Emirati brand Thamanyah’s creative director and founder Ahmed Abdelrahman designs thobes for customers that appreciate individuality, intellectualism, and timelessness. He advises that thobes are garments that should be considered as investment pieces. “Invest in a high quality fabric with a beautiful fall; this is the soul of the thobe. Keep the construction sharp and simple. I would consider diamond-encrusted cufflinks a forgivable lapse of judgment. Meanwhile, gold embroidery is a punishable transgression.”


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