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Islam Goes Green: Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque


Located in Deira, which boarders Dubai’s waterfront, the Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque, otherwise known as the “green mosque,” has opened its doors to worshippers. Inaugurated by Sheikh Salih Al Maghamsi, an imam from the renowned Quba Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia, the mosque cost AED/SAR 20 million to build and spans over 4000 square-meters. It holds a capacity of 3,500 worshippers throughout the grand payer hall, daily prayer hall, and a woman’s prayer hall. Powered by solar panels, the mosque utilizes thermal-insulation systems to mitigate energy consumption. It is also fitted with sensors that control air conditioning and energy-saving LED lights—all a first in the Islamic world.

“All the mosques should be green. God hates wasteful people, so these green solutions are very appropriate, and this is the best place for people to learn about environmental conservation,” said Khalid Ali Al Haj, a local worshipper who came to pray at the mosque, speaking to The National.

The motivation for the mosque’s creation is encapsulated in the words of the Secretary-General of Dubai’s Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation, Tayeb Al Rais, who stated at the mosque’s opening, “Environmental awareness is a pillar of Islam. We hope the mosque reminds worshippers of their duties towards the environment.”

The building of the Khalifa Al Tajer Mosque follows several major green architectural incentives in the UAE, including plans for Dubai’s Sustainable City and most notably, Masdar City.

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