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5 Things You Need to Help Tame Your Movember Mustache

Photo: Instagram/movember_co

Photo: Instagram/movember_co

No guys, Ramy Ayach did not wake up like this; the star (or his barber) worked very hard to get that modern mustache in shape. If you’re a true Mo Bro and are growing your mustache and/or beard to raise awareness for prostate cancer this November, then kudos to you. Here are five products that will help you pull off a groomed Movember moustache as we near the end of the month.

1. A Power Razor
Start and end the mustache-growing month with a clean shave. The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor gives you a close shave every time, thanks to the FlexBall technology. To gently exfoliate before you shave, use a lanolin-glycerin based shaving cream, and you’re good to mo-go.

Fushion ProGlide Power Razor
US $13; AED/SAR 46

2. Beard Wash
We wouldn’t be surprised if towards the end of Movember, your mustache has become unruly. This luxury beard wash is tough enough to handle curly, stubborn hair while being gentle on the skin. Use it once or twice a week to keep your mustache thoroughly clean.

Tree Ranger Beard Wash
US $27; AED/SAR 99

3. A Cooling Gel
Think of this gentle gel-lotion as your best friend. While you’re shaping your ‘stache, The Cool Fix will stave off irritations, smooth out ingrown hair, and soothe dryness and rashes.

The Cool Fix
US $25; AED/SAR 92

4. Organic Castor Oil
Help your mustache grow quickly by rubbing some castor oil on your upper lip every night. If you see patchy areas that fail to grow facial hair, make sure to dab on a few drops twice a day.

Organic Castor Oil
US $14; AED/SAR 51

5. Mustache Scissors
Whether you wish to splurge on a Dovo Beard Set or spend US $13 (AED/SAR 48) on trimming scissors, make sure you keep everything looking orderly by trimming your facial hair regularly.

Dovo 5pc Beard Set
US $191; AED/SAR 702

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