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The Beard And Nothing But The Beard


It used to be one of the few aspects that wouldn’t get you a job, unless you shaved it off. Now, it’s here to stay. We’re talking about the beard.

According to reports, with more men sporting beards, goatees, and designer stubble, the sales of men’s shaving products has taken a hit worth some AED/SAR 426 million (US $116 million) in the last year alone.

The facial hair trend is at its highest and won’t be fading anytime soon. The once intimidating world of beards is now upbeat and accessible and no longer serves as a mere religious statement. Whether long, short, blond, or black, this season, the beard is your sartorial grooming hero.

Freelance fashion editor, Majid Karrouch (pictured above), who was recently in Dubai for Fashion Forward Season 4, has been sporting a well-grown and groomed beard before it was even brought into the mainstream. Here are some tips on how to take care of your beard from the man himself:

• Let it grow and wait a few weeks or months (depending on how fast it grows) before you “shape it up.”
• If you can’t grow a beard (blame genetics), don’t force it, and move on to another trend. Movember is just around the corner. A moustache, perhaps?
• Soap dries out your beard, so use a professional moisturizing shampoo instead, which prevents your beard from getting all dry and frizzy.
• Don’t forget to remove your beard’s split ends every month. Trim or just cut them off with small scissors.
• Studies have shown that vitamin B strengthens hair and skin.
• Oh and one more thing: avoid sauces and other hard liquids, and if you can’t, ask for some extra napkins. After all, you’re a gentleman, not a caveman.

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