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“Man of Today” Ahmad Al Boloushi is the Boss Bottled Ambassador for the Middle East

ahmad-al-boloushi-kuwaiti-fashion-blogger-hugo-boss-bottled-man-of-today-middle-east-brand-ambassadorThe campaign for Hugo Boss’ latest fragrance, Boss Bottled Intense, defines the “Man of Today” as someone who is modern, is a multifaceted individual, and has impeccable style. Ahmad Al Boloushi, a 27-year-old Kuwaiti-American fashion blogger and fire department engineer, fits the description and has been chosen by the brand as its Middle East ambassador. Father to one-year-old Adam, Al Boloushi, along with his wife Ascia AKF, runs the popular fashion blog Hybrid Head Piece, which has more than a million followers.

“Times have changed. I now see men with all sorts of regular, everyday jobs who are spending their spare time as photographers, chefs, [and] fashion bloggers,” said Al Boloushi.

Boss chose Scottish actor Gerard Butler as its global ambassador for the campaign and along with the Middle East, appointed local ambassadors from the United States, Spain, Germany, Latin America, and the UK, who shared their stories while being photographed by renowned Canadian singer and photographer Bryan Adams.

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—Natalie Theodosi

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