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Video: Amine Bendriouich’s Fashion Prize Capsule is Transfixed in a Gold Rush

While fashion houses begin to ride the wave of showcasing collections outside of the traditional fashion week calendar, Moroccan designer Amine Bendriouich can boast to having long been an anti-conformist to seasonal presentations and trends. Known for referencing pop culture and urban imagery in his designs, in this eerie video directed by Bendriouich titled In Go(l)d We Trust Meets Half Poet, Half Animal, a model wearing a digitally-printed gold bar patterned backless dress from the designer’s Fashion Prize capsule collection, seductively sways to Bendriouich’s poetic words voiced over hypnotic sounds composed by singer and songwriter Elyas Khan (whom the designer met during a visit to Berlin). Bendriouich also stars in the video transfixed and wearing a one hundred dollar bill patterned suit. Reflecting on the ideology of money, the short film, which marks the first instalment of a three-part series ends with a tribute to philanthropist and founder of the first jazz club in Tangier, Morocco, Abdeslam Akaaboun.

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