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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 18 Speakers

Originally designed in 1992, the BeoLab 8000 has been the most sought-after speaker in Danish manufacturer Bang & Olufsen’s history. Beloved by stylish (not to mention deep-pocketed) audiophiles the world over, the company has now introduced a modern-day homage, the BeoLab 18. Like its predecessor, the conical shape at the base of the BeoLab 18 was inspired by the classical shape of the organ pipe, and is crafted from a tube of raw aluminum. The BeoLab 18 comes with a new wooden front panel, available in oak, black, or white. Historically, wood has always been an important aspect of Nordic architecture and furniture design, and these speakers feature a fine attention to detail with the woodwork. Operating on a surprisingly clear 24-bit frequency that just might change how you think about wireless sound, these speakers wouldn’t look a touch out of place among your other high-end living room décor.

Truly a piece of modern art — but that comes with a price.

The BeoLab 18 speakers are priced at US $6,600.

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