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Beats Solo2 Headphones


The release of the new Solo2 headphones by Beats follows the announcement that Apple has purchased the overpriced-headphone company for US $3 billion. Which, according to Kanye West, is really just a copycat move on the part of Apple, who wanted in on the action following Samsung’s partnership with Jay Z.

Anyhow, with a new wider audio range, the Solo2 promises to immerse you in sound and bring listeners closer to what the artists originally intended for you to hear, even if it is K-Pop (which we hope it isn’t). The foldable earphones have been redesigned to be more durable while still having the flexibility of use and storage—but they aren’t indestructible, so store with caution. While the intended result of your ears overheating after hours of listening is a sign that it’s time to take the earphones off, Beats has designed earcups to reduce overheating and sound leaking—otherwise experienced as having to suffer through someone else’s horrendous playlist (characterized by excessive amounts of K-Pop, also known as one song by PSY).

The Solo2 headphones come in red, white, black, gray, and blue, and for you shameless K-Pop fans—pink.

US $219; SAR/AED 804

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