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A Bicycle Resulting From Scientific Craftsmanship


In our ongoing hunt for the perfect bicycle, we’ve come across designs that range from odd to ridiculous, to downright outstanding. Certainly, we think a bike should first fit the needs of the rider, whether that is for the next Tour de France or to enthrall street style photographers at Pitti.
Whatever the need, when the bike looks like the Arvak by Keim, one might be tempted to mount this ride on the wall rather than take it for a spin. But while it may look like a work of art, the Arvak is the result of scientific craftsmanship—fitted with a laboratory-tested hollow monocoque wooden frame composed of 24 layers of laminated ash, vacuum bonded together by a bio-resin. The minimalist design reduces the bicycle, which takes its name from the majestic horses of Norse mythology, to its most essential components.

So should Thor decide to put down the hammer one day, we’ve got just the ride for him.

Limited Edition

US $11,200; AED/SAR 41,100

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