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Lacoste Channels “The Royal Tenenbaums” for Fall

Margot, Richie, Chas, and Royal Tenenbaum have served as the inspiration for countless photo shoots and fashion homages, but we’ve never seen Wes Anderson’s dysfunctional family on the runway—until now. This morning Lacoste went to its roots with a tennis-by-way-of-Tenenbaum collection that melded Anderson’s characters with the brand’s own heritage. There was Margot’s teddy bear coat, Chas’ red tracksuit, Royal’s gray outerwear, and—like a slow-motion wide shot with Nico playing in the background—a model wearing a beige suit with a polo underneath and a tennis sweatband across his forehead. Pure Richie.

As Eli Cash, the Tenenbaum hanger-on played by Owen Wilson, said, “I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum, you know?” Us, too, Eli. Us, too.

—Steff Yotka,

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