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Pharrell Williams Puts His Star Power Behind Parley For The Oceans


Mega-hit musician and producer Pharrell Williams put on his designer cap last night with G-Star RAW and Parley, an ocean preservation organization. Williams has curated a 12-piece collection made from plastic detritus salvaged from the sea then fused with cotton thread and woven into denim, including a minidress emblazoned with Parley For The Oceans’ signature octopus cartoon, which will undoubtedly be sported by aspiring street-style stars next Spring.

He said he was inspired after traveling the globe. “At a certain point I decided I needed to do something, ’cause when you travel the way that I’ve been blessed to be able to, you start to realize that like, you know, the Earth is actually our house,” Williams said. “So we have to give some sort of global communal consideration to what we’re doing. I’m a musician, but I also consider myself a public servant.”

Of all the causes, why the ocean? “The ocean has a lot in common with us; you know the planet’s 75 or 85 percent water. So are we, our flesh is 75 or 85 percent water,” Williams told “There’s a huge parallel there, so like if you aren’t taking care of the water, then you kill the life. The significance of water on a planet sort of tells you that there’s life, at least on a microbial level, like when you have no more water, you have no more life.”


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