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Warby Parker Beats Out Apple and Instagram on Fast Company’s List of Most Innovative Companies


Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal of Warby Parker// Photo: Paul Jung / Fast Company

Fast Company unveiled its Most Innovative Companies list for 2015 today and it’s filled with plenty of the names we would expect, including Apple, Google, Instagram, Virgin America, Tesla, and Kickstarter. The number one slot, however, went to a fashion brand—Warby Parker, “for building the first great made-on-the-Internet brand.”

Founded five years ago (we’ve been tracking the brand since it launched), Warby has avoided the fate of most e-comm startups that launched around the same time and have since crashed. The eyewear label now has 10 stores (with sales-per-square-foot figures rivaling Tiffany & Co.) and reportedly rakes in annual revenues well over $100 million.

“We’re often asked why Warby has been successful,” co-CEO Neil Blumenthal says. “If we sum it up in one word, it’s deliberate.”

Other fashion brands that made the list include Made in Kigali (a clothing label out of Rwanda) and cult-clothing line American Giant, as well as beauty giant L’Oreal. Click here to check out the full list.

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