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Asser Yassin to Star Alongside Nelly Karim in Upcoming Ramadan Series

Egyptian actor, writer and film producer Asser Yassin will join Nelly Karim to delight fans in an upcoming new comedy-drama series this Ramadan dubbed ‘B 100 Wesh’. The show title translates to ‘multifaceted’ and brings the two megastars together as a pair of con artists who join forces and face the satirical irony of life together.

This isn’t the first time we see this duo together though as they previously hit screens back in 2008 in the movie ‘Ehna Etabelna Abl Keda’.

In this outing, Yassin plays a professional crook, who disguises himself as several different characters, one of which even includes an officer of the law. As he gets to work hatching one of his scams, he meets a like-minded girl named Sokkar, played by Karim. They then join forces and in criminal cahoots together.

Karim’s sassy character Sokkar, works as a beautician and is tempted by the crooked activities in order to fund her dream of owning a beauty parlor. This eventually pays off as the cash comes rolling in from their racket. The Egyptian actress recently shared the official trailer for the series on her Instagram account. Following which both Asser and her shared images on their social channels teasing a bit more about the newly-anticipated series.

Nelly Karim also posted a song from the series, called Millionaire, by the Egyptian mahragan singers El Madfaageya, and commented saying “coming soon”.

The series is written by Ahmed Wael and Amr el-Dali and directed by Kamla Abu Zekry and will be on our screens throughout the Holy Month.

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