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Anti Rom-Com? These 10 Films from the Genre Will Change Your Mind

If the mere mention of the abridged appellation ‘rom-com’ conjures up a swell of nausea, we have the remedy. These are the best films from the genre that will provide the perfect antidote to your ailment. Popcorn essential, candles optional…

Four Weddings and a Funeral

In true British form, this is a dry, witty comedy with a script as sharp as a tack. Nominated for Best Picture it has stellar performances by Mr UK himself, Hugh Grant, and his on-screen interest Andie MacDowell. After a chance meeting at a wedding, then an ensuing three more….plus a funeral (you get it now), they are bound to hit it off. Laced in romance but also a commentary on society, it’s far from bubble gum.

When Harry Met Sally…

You’ve probably seen that iconic scene (or heard it, rather), that typifies the comedic chemistry between the two endearing leads in this film. This is rom-com royalty for a reason as it tackles the raw and giddy truths about how men and women really relate.

The Philadelphia Story

This classic is worth watching purely for the cast line-up and the drama is a bonus. Roll up Cary Grant, James Stewart, and Katherine Hepburn, and you have the very antithesis of the genre.

The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

If you can keep up with the rapid-fire of the dialogue and outrageous scenes in this classic flick, then the rewards are great. Funny, razor-sharp, and a barb a second, this gives any modern rom-com serious schooling.

Silver Linings Playbook

The unlikely pairing of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence works in this alternative notion of the genre. As two societal waifs that come together in the most (best) unconventional fashion, the film quickly whips into a great story of basic human goodness, love, and humor.


Jason Schwartzman perfectly portrays the eccentric Max Fischer in this Wes Anderson outing. Starring Bill Murray as Fischer’s mentor and rival, they both falter as they chase the devotion of the same woman. Rosemary Cross (played by Olivia Williams) is a teacher at the prestigious Rushmore Academy which acts as the backdrop for a comedic flick that will stay with you well after the bell rings.

The Wedding Singer

Adam Sandler had to make it to the list… just this once. This flick proves that he has what it takes to hit the rom-com spot. Sandler plays a beaten-down wedding singer who falls for Drew Barrymore’s quirky Julia, a similarly down-on-her-luck waitress who’s engaged to a womanizer. In short, forget Sandler’s other outings and go straight for this – if you can stand the hair!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Debauched and out there, this is an unapologetic rom-com with a well-earned chip on its shoulder. It follows Jason Segel as a failed musician Peter whose actress girlfriend (Kristen Bell) breaks up with him after five years together. Peter tries to move on with a crisis trip to Hawaii, which goes from bad to worse when he finds that his ex and her new rock-star boyfriend are checked in to the same resort.

Trouble in Paradise

The undisputed master of the genre, Ernst Lubitsch brought us this early tale of sensuality and charisma.  Now more than 80 years old, it was classified as pretty scandalous in its day… we will let you be the judge of how that’s interpreted today.

Groundhog Day

Many of us may be able to relate to the premise of this Harold Ramis comic masterpiece right now with our current routine, but the jewel in the crown of this film is the lesser traversed romantic comedic thread. Bill Murray puts on the performance of his life as he brings together two of the other lead characters in the entwined plots of all entwined plots.

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