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How to Write a Book in Four Simple Steps

There can be few more daunting tasks for the aspiring writer than getting started on your first book. How do you compose that all important opening paragraph; who is your audience; what happens if you hit the dreaded writer’s block? There are so many obstacle to overcome.

Omar Al Busaidy thinks he knows the secret to turning your dreams of becoming a published author into reality. The Emirati recently penned a motivational book titled Just Read ItThe experience was a fruitful one for the author, despite some people being skeptical of his qualifications to offer such advice.

“There were many who asked me whether I had a degree in psychology or human behavior, as if I wasn’t the one who wrote it,” says Al Busaidy, who holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the American University in Dubai and is currently pursuing post-graduate studies in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership at the Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University. “I would tell them that I went to the ‘University of Life’ and double majored in life lessons and experience. That’s where the material for Just Read It came from.”

Al Busaidy, also a motivational speaker and mentor to students, has outlined four steps to help other writers get started.

Understand your character, storyline, and message 
“Writers need to be in tune with their content,” Al Busaidy says. “Writing becomes a chore if you do not understand who and what you’re writing about. Many aspiring writers do not follow through with their story as they lose interest in the character or story. You must learn to love your story, your lead role, and understand what the message of your book is, whether it is a moral story or an informative story.”

Read, read, read
To become a good writer, you first need to be a good reader, so read voraciously. “Books pose as a source of both research and inspiration,” Al Busaidy says. “Reading books will help aspiring authors identify their preferred tone of text and style.”

Discuss the topic 
“Discussing the topic with others will help identify what subjects are in demand and what readers are inclined to be drawn in by,” says Al Busaidy. “Focus groups or brainstorms on the subject will also help writers assess their content.” 
Discussing the subject of the book-in-progress will help writers identify the reason behind the content. “Some authors don’t focus on the right issues at hand and don’t address them in the way people want to receive that information.”

Identify the right publisher and distributor
“Something I should have paid more attention to before writing Just Read It was to do thorough research on editors, publishers, and distributors. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. Take time to find the right publisher if necessary and build a solid relationship with them. They will be your biggest cheerleader and supporter throughout the journey of your book.”

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