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You Can Now Fall Asleep to Harry Styles Reading You Bedtime Stories

Harry Styles

Harry Styles has teamed up with the ‘Calm’ application. Photo: Instagram/@harrystyles

Harry Styles has announced a special new collaboration with the popular meditation app Calm to narrate sleep stories. To say that it has gone down well would be the understatement of the year.

The announcement dropped on the app’s Twitter page and a tidal wave of fan responses ensued. In the teaser, they said: “Spoiler alert: Harry’s soothing, soothing tones…” and revealed that said stories narrated by him were designed to help listeners get to sleep at night.

The casts will be available from July 8. Calm tweeted: ‘Wednesday. #DreamWithHarry,’ alongside a video that peaked when Styles delivered in his best silky tones: “Hello. I’m Harry Styles.” These four simple words uttered by the former One Direction star were enough to set fans off all over the world with tens of thousands commenting, sharing, and grappling for subscription information.

“I’m screaming #DreamWithHarry,” one fan gushed at the news, while another responded wittily: “I’m gonna be anything but @calm while Harry is talking to us.”

Meditation apps have been proven to support a holistic approach to relieving some mental health issues so, admirably, this move is more than just bedtime stories, as the Dunkirk star has previously opened up about his own struggles and his battle with anxiety. The Calm app in particular aims to support this by helping listeners to, “reduce stress, sleep better and handle anxiety,” making it a handy addition to any mental health took kit.

The series will come with a subscription fee, despite the pleading from the fans to make this available for free.

Other celebrities that have recently offered their tones up for narrating meditation sessions include Australian actor Chris Hemsworth of Avengers fame. His lockdown series originally aimed at helping kids to focus and relax through the power of meditation via his Centr fitness app seemingly had more of an impact on mothers than the kids, however.

Sweet dreams, folks.

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