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Everything You Need To Know About Hasan Minhaj’s Intense Conversation With Justin Trudeau

Hasan Minhaj and Justin Trudeau. Courtesy of Netflix

When a bona fide comedian known for his unfiltered opinions and sharp global commentary sits down with a political figure, waves are bound to be made. As part of Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act series on Netflix, the comedian interviewed Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau. During the series’ 24th episode – The Two Sides of Canada, the pair sat down in an exchange that started gently but rapidly escalated.

In his four years serving as Canada’s Prime Minister, Trudeau has built a ‘dream leader’ reputation, praised for his policies on climate change, immigration as well as social and gender inequality. Though, as Minhaj hastily pointed out, Trudeau’s popularity has remarkably decreased a result of his violation of ethics scandal earlier this year.  

During the unlikely exchange, Minhaj challenged Trudeau on a plethora of subjects, namely his upcoming election in October, Canadians opposing the entry of more refugees, as well as the selling of arms to Algeria, Nigeria, Libya, and Iraq. And whilst Trudeau worked hard to hold his own, Minhaj continued to press him about his SNC-Lavalin scandal as well as Canada’s controversial Transmountain oil pipeline.

Despite many fans relishing in Trudeau’s interrogation, some criticized Minhaj’s interview style, accusing the comedian of being ‘hostile’ and ‘unjust’ towards the Prime Minister.

In response to confused fans, Minhaj responded to viewers saying: “I understand, we all love Canada — I know it…None of you guys wanted to hear any of this! I might as well have done a 20-minute takedown of Tom Hanks. But there are realities about Canada and Trudeau that we cannot ignore. … Political pragmatism has to reckon with the reality of climate change.”

The full Patriot Act series and episode featuring Justin Trudeau is available to watch now on Netflix and YouTube.

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