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Arab Artists Massari and Ali Gatie Call for World Peace with New Single

Ali Gatie, Massari

Ali Gatie and Massari. Photo: Supplied

Lebanese-Canadian artist Massari and Iraqi–Canadian singer-songwriter Ali Gatie have collaborated on a single titled, I See the Dream (Badna Salam), in the hope of promoting a universal message of peace across the world.

The duo will be performing the song at the virtual post-ceremony event for the Nobel Peace Prize, organized by the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP). The organization was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this year as recognition for its efforts in fighting against world hunger and its contribution to bettering the conditions for peace across the world.

Lebanese-Canadian recording artist Massari

Lebanese-Canadian recording artist Massari. Photo: Courtesy

“Today I stand alongside my brother Ali Gatie to speak on behalf of those whose voices are never heard. Be the change you want to see in the world and let’s all come together to manifest this dream of a peaceful and united world into reality,” Massari said of the collaboration. “It’s an honor for me to release this song at the UNWFP People’s Prize Celebration, the world’s largest humanitarian organization fighting hunger worldwide,” he added.

Photo: Courtesy

The music video, shot in Los Angeles and directed by Jay Sansone, features a “happy, colorful world where children turn the page on war around the world.”

Iraqi–Canadian singer-songwriter Ali Gatie

Iraqi–Canadian singer-songwriter Ali Gatie. Photo: Courtesy

“Massari and I both come from families of immigrants, families who experienced the pain of war, discrimination, and injustice,” said Gatie. “All we want is peace, unity, and love for everyone. Now that we have a platform, we decided it was time we spoke up for those whose cries aren’t heard.”

Both Massari and Gatie will join the World Food Program USA’s #ZeroHungerChampions campaign in support of alleviating global hunger, and the pair will donate a portion of the proceeds from their single’s merchandise in support of UNWFP programs across the world.

“Hunger is both a cause and an effect of conflict. Without peace and stability, we will struggle to achieve our goal of Zero Hunger,” says Saul Betmead de Chasteigner, CMO of the UN World Food Programme. “This is a reminder of the remarkable power of music to connect people wherever they are, a universal language, more important than ever in these challenging times.”

Watch the behind-the-scenes of the music video below:

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