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6 Burning Questions The Final Episode of The Last Dance Has Left Us With

Basketball’s leading man Michael Jordan had a career-long knack for being in the right place at the right time, and as governments, and Larry David, told us to stay indoors and watch more TV, Jordan and Netflix saw an opening, took the shot, and hit nothing but net with the documentary The Last Dance. Swish.

So as we put our Air Jordans up on the coffee table and sunk into our sofa groove for the last time on Monday, or ‘Last Dance Day’ as we have crowned it, we were not disappointed by the series conclusion.

Except we were left wanting more.  Just like when Jordan, Pippen and Jackson left us wanting when they walked out of United Center in 1998.

Not solely about Jordan, the series covers a seminal period in US and global sporting history, and masterfully portrays a time when one man and an individually brilliant cast of supporting characters took the Chicago Bulls – a rag-tag franchise – to the top, three times in a row, twice. Although everyone’s still calling it the Jordan documentary, and we get why!

But before we get to those burning questions, we have a confession. We settled at six questions because that is two multiplied by three, like doing the three-peat twice, and for some reason, over the last few weeks, we’ve become as obsessed with the numbers two and three as Jim Carrey had us believe he was in the 2007 movie ‘The Number 23’.

1.  When can we expect the Kobe documentary?

Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan

Getty Images

This year another basketball great, Kobe Bryant was sadly taken from us too soon.  His career fascinates sports fans and after the first few episodes of The Last Dance, Magic Johnson hinted that a documentary centered around Bryant’s final season with the Los Angeles Lakers could be coming soon – but how soon? We need clarity immediately.

2.  Can we have a Dennis Rodman documentary too?

Dennis Rodman


Rodman is the living embodiment of work-life balance, as Jordan and Coach Phil Jackson well understood.  Allow the man to let his rainbow hair down, skip practice for 48 hours in Vegas, and 100 hours later, you’ll drag him back, asleep in the back of your car, to have the game of his life.  We already have a title, ‘What happened in Vegas?’ and who wouldn’t want to watch that?

3.  Do we love or hate the suits they wore back then?

Michael Jordan

Getty Images

Baggy pants, huge padded shoulders, mid-thigh length jackets — so bad, they’re good.  And wouldn’t you know it, again, all roads lead to Jordan on this one. The story goes that a Chicago tailor brought Jordan a prototype suit in the late 80s, with the intention of fine-tuning the cut on location with the man inside the cloth. But Jordan liked the prototype, didn’t want a tight cut, and set a trend amongst his contemporaries.

4.  Where was Luc Longley?  

Michael Jordan

Getty Images

Our Aussie colleagues in Dubai have a bone to pick with the producers of The Last Dance. How did the cameras not manage to pick up a seven-foot-two rusty haired giant?  According to producers the first Australian to play in the NBA, and starting Center during the Bulls 98 championship-winning season, didn’t have much to say about his time on the team, but he doesn’t sound lost for words on the experience on this podcast – perhaps rumors of a 1996 locker room bust-up have come back to haunt Longley? Or, maybe he just doesn’t like the limelight anymore? We’ll let you be the judge.

5.  Can Phil Jackson please take up a role in politics?

Michael Jordan, Philip Jackson

Getty Images

With his mystic, wise approach to getting the best out of a whole spectrum of ‘personalities’ and selecting the right strategy for the moment, we need someone like that at times like this, right?

6.  Will there ever be another MJ?

Michael Jordan College years

Getty Images

We really hope it’s possible that somewhere in the world, a kid has just finished watching The Last Dance, and is going outside with a ball, or a club, or a racket, and clocking up a few more hours of practice on the road to greatness.

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