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MMA Returns to Abu Dhabi After Three-Month Lockdown and with No Spectators

Mubadala Arena. Courtesy

MMA makes its return to the region this coming Friday, June 12 in Abu Dhabi.

The Warriors 11 match will be taking place at the Mubadala Arena, but this time with a twist, as the fighters will battle it out in an empty venue.

Aligned with the new sporting regulations, no spectators will be allowed to be ring-side at the live bout. This is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but still allow the sport to progress. The fighters and technical staff have been in an isolation camp since May 27 and have all tested negative for Covid-19.

Now having emerged from lockdown the athletes seem ready as ever to face-off, as they commented at a press video conference.

“I think everything in life happens for a reason and the change of events led me to this,” said Mosatafa Radi the Palestinian contender. “I don’t have any specific thoughts about the opponent. I just look at my preparation, and for me, it’s not only when I have a fight. I train all year round.”

He continued: “For me, it’s not about training in the camp or preparing for a specific guy, but being ready to face anyone at any time. Having said that, I must say the camp provided to us by the UAE Warriors organization was amazing.”

Fouad Darwish, general manager of event management company Palms Sports commented: “I’m more than privileged to have such an amazing team with me. The participants are a family. Every single fighter in the Warriors, the previous ones and the coming ones, are the reason the UAE Warriors is globally recognized. As to the challenges, Covid-19 is a global challenge, and there are limitations of movement. However, the UAE government has shown great understanding to allow us to stage another successful Warriors night.”

He went on to thank the fighters for persevering at this time saying: “We are thankful to all the fighters for taking up this challenge on their own by staying away from their families to present this event.”

Fans can catch all of the action via live stream on Abu Dhabi Sports as well as the sports affiliated websites and YouTube channels around the world.

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