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Mohamed Ramadan Reveals His Most Intimate Side in Vogue Man Arabia’s SS21 Issue

Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan photographed by Malak Kabbani for Vogue Man Arabia Spring/Summer 2021

Mohamed Ramadan stars on the cover of Vogue Man Arabia’s Spring/Summer 2021 issue which turns the spotlight on the irreverent actor and performer, revealing his softer side and a more pared back image. With more than 17 million Instagram followers and 12 million on YouTube, Ramadan is one of the world’s most successful Arab artists who has more than proved himself with his genre-spanning career.

Mohamed Ramadan

Photographed by Malak Kabbani for Vogue Man Arabia Spring/Summer 2021

The exclusive interview sees the Egyptian entertainer open up to offer a sincere vision of his journey, from growing up in a poor community in Cairo, to becoming a superstar. Not one to stop dreaming about stardom despite the hardships in his life, Ramadan reveals, “The rejection that I faced was a great motivator; it indirectly contributed to increasing my ambition and determination.” The star also addresses his more controversial side, stating, “Historically, controversy is persistent to real stars. It is just normal and a sign of success. No debate, no success.” While his commitment to charitable endeavors might be a lesser-known side of Ramadan, it is an integral part of him as an artist. Commenting on his humanitarian ventures, the actor highlights the different projects he is involved with, from the Ahl Masr Foundation and its work with burn victims to The Children’s Cancer Hospital – Egypt 57357, saying, “You cannot be a real artist unless you engage in social participation.”

Photographed by Malak Kabbani for Vogue Man Arabia Spring/Summer 2021

On working with Ramadan, Vogue Man Arabia editor-in-chief Manuel Arnaut says, “Mohamed Ramadan is an incredibly creative superstar, and a genius marketeer of his own image. What is interesting about this cover story is that we were able to expose a more intimate side of the performer, where Ramadan really opened up, allowing us to enter his more private world, while also allowing us to try a more pared back image.”

Photographed by Malak Kabbani for Vogue Man Arabia Spring/Summer 2021

Also in this issue, Emirati film director Mohammed Saeed Harib, creator of the unfailingly funny Freej, weighs in on the UAE’s film and entertainment industry, sharing his latest news and ventures on the big screen. Harib puts his rise to fame down to hard work and personal development, and he also speaks candidly about his fears of falling short creatively. “Some people allow their ego [to grow]; that doesn’t help them progress in life. I am a curious person and want to always discover the next frontier, the next technology available. I don’t want to be put in a box and labeled as an ‘animation director,’” he says.

Mohammed Alhamdan photographed by Francesco Lastrucci

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian actor and influencer Mohammed Alhamdan, aka Warchieff, invites readers into his versatile world of acting and singing. Constantly working and creating, he debates various creative mediums, whether on the big screen or small, online or in print. Warchieff also comments on the current cultural revolution taking place in Saudi, sharing, “I believe it’s always been changing. As we’ve been growing, the talents are growing, and I’m just even more excited because the ceiling is higher and my dreams are bigger.”

Photographed by Ankita Chandra and Rohit Sabu

The issue also takes a look inside the Dubai Camel Hospital, where up to 32 camels are treated at a time, making it one of the most advanced facilities of its kind. In the region today, camels – once considered by Bedouins as “ships of the desert” – see their monetary value reaching up to tens of millions of dollars. “There’s nothing like watching a camel with a newly repaired fracture stand again, then walk. We get to witness the recovery smiles and their bright eyes,” shares Dr Mansoor Ali Chaudhry, head of the hospital’s clinical department.

Distributed with Vogue Arabia’s April Issue, the Spring/Summer 2021 issue of Vogue Man Arabia shines a light on the standout pieces of the season showcased by three rising new faces of the Arab world. Also, discover the latest luxury timepieces that deserve your attention, bold accessories, statement-making colognes, and much more in our latest issue on stands this week.

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