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Netflix is Trialing a New Shuffle Feature and We are Into it

Netflix has announced that it is running a trial on a shuffle button.

Ever spend far too long scrolling your life away trying to decide what to binge next on Netflix? We’ve all been there. Well, this new introductory function could be just the antidote. The shuffle button will effectively spin the programming wheel of fortune based on your viewing preferences to suggest shows you are likely to enjoy.

The new feature would automatically play movies and television shows according to a genre – effectively making them dedicated streaming channels compiled from content in the Netflix library.

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Some users of the service will have already noticed that the ‘Shuffle Play’ button on their Netflix TV app’s profile page has appeared beneath their display name. You can check yourself to see if you have been selected to trial the new feature by scrolling to the left-side menu bar and hitting your profile.

If you have, the option will say ‘Play Something’. Click on the button and allow Netflix to dish out some programming delights that it thinks may be up your viewing street via the use of its algorithm. This could be a continuation of a series or show you’ve already viewed or something based on the other genres you regularly choose.

This should relieve you of the idle scrolling curse that, let’s face it, is just about the only drawback of the otherwise much loved giant programming platform.

This worldwide test appears on the Netflix TV app and it is still not available to all users, or via, but this really is a case of watch this space.

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