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Meet the Arab Singers Defining a New, Uniquely Personal Era in Music

Whether on the lookout for new music, or new regional talents to support, you need to have these Arab singers on your radar.


Photo: Alexandre Brehm

Fruit of a mixed culture –Moroccan, Italian, and Belgian – Tawsen describes himself as eclectic in both his music and influences, like fashion and art, which are also his passions. Unafraid to share his feelings and positive humor, he is the author of three EPs: Al Warda, Al Mawja, and Al Najma, along with the mixtape Nessun Dorma. “The limits of language no longer exist in music,” says Tawsen. “I love showcasing my Maghreb origins, making them contemporary, and sharing them with others. I do that with my music, instruments, and a blend of languages.”

Nabil Harlow

The Algerian-French hairstylist is amping up his longstanding passion for music with the release of his second song, “C’est pas vrai” (It’s Not True), with actor Lyna Khoudri starring in his music video. The release comes after his debut, “Hôtel Paris,” which revealed his talent for composing. Harlow’s first foray into music was at age six, when he studied piano, joining the French conservatory Olivier-Messiaen until his mid-teens. Reflecting on the period, he says, “I never loved anything institutional, there are too many rules… It kills your art, your vibe, you become everybody else but you.”


Palestinian-Chilean singer Elyanna recently brought down the house with a first performance in Los Angeles from her EP Elyanna 2, singing hits like “Ghareeb Alay,” “Ala Bali,” and “Al Kawn Janni Maak” under her label Universal Arabic Music. Singing Arabic pop and R&B and in English, the singer, who grew up in Nazareth, collaborates with her brother Feras, who plays piano and pens songs. “Palestine is my homeland, my identity, and my cultural reference. I’m a Palestinian artist and I sing in Arabic,” says the singer.

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Originally published in the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Vogue Man Arabia

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