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Dial In: Podcast Recommendations for Self-Isolation

Self-isolation is imminent, if not already a reality, for so many of us in the coming weeks. We recommend taking a break from trying to complete the whole of Netflix with some audible delights. Here’s our list of seven awesome podcasts (one for each day of the week) for you to give a spin.

13 Minutes To The Moon – BBC

You know the story, but do you know the stories? In 2019 the BBC changed the Podcasting game when 13 Minutes to the Moon boldly went where podcasts only dreamt about going before.  With an epic episodic re-telling of the mission to land man on the moon – and bring them safely back to Earth.  Former Nasa employee turned broadcaster Kevin Fong has unprecedented access to the men and women behind the mission and the radio coms in full.  If that wasn’t enough, Maestro Hans Zimmer is on board as the writer of this incredible podcasts incredible soundtrack. And that was only series one! Fong is back for a second series, accompanied by Zimmer once again. This time the weekly installments recount possibly the most incredible story of human endeavor in history, celebrating the people who brought Capt. Jim Lovell and his crew safely back to Earth in April 1970, with the odds stacked against them…

Listen here

Boxing Life Stories – Tris Dixon

Boxing is once again big business, in both the sporting and the monetary sense, some people are heralding the current Heavyweight generation of Fury, Joshua and Wilder as one for the ages,  and Boxing Life Stories is a real heavyweight in the sporting pods. Former Boxer, turned Editor of Boxing News, turned YouTuber and now Podcaster, Tris Dixon’s contact list is a knockout. Scroll through the episode list and you will find hall-of-famers from inside and outside of the ring who are the beating heart of the pugilist game. They sit with Tris as a peer, not an interviewer and recount hard-to-believe, heartfelt and often heartbreaking stories.

Listen here

99% Invisible – Radiotopia

Do you know what you call an island, within a lake, that is within an island, that is itself in a lake within another island? Well you’ll find out on 99% Invisible. US based Radio Producer Roman Mars is the orchestral conductor of a band of merry nerds who’s obsession is the massive and the micro, the mundane and the monumental of every day life.  Every episode is varied and delightful, from the design of a Peace sign to the inner workings of a jet engine, just one installment will arm you with conversation starters and awkward silence killers. Mars’ passion is insatiable, for both the stories and for podcasting in general, hence the network he curates “Radiotopia” – you actually could write a whole article recommending Radiotopia podcasts alone.  Oh by the way, the name of the island, in the lake, in the island in the lake in the island?  Turns out it’s just called island on the map, but it’s in Canada if you were interested.

Listen here

Clips of The Week.  Talk Sport

Sometimes all you need from your ear buds is a few minutes of some of the UK’s leading broadcasters, and former sportstars from one of the UK’s leading talk radio stations, corpsing, dropping into Alan Partridge mode, losing their train of thought or losing the will to live.  Afternoon show hosts, Paul Hawksbee and Andy Jacobs irreverently present a smorgasbord of listener suggested bloopers from the past week on Talk Sport. It’s all wrapped up in less than ten minutes and you’re guaranteed to be snorting, LOLing, giggling and howling every week. Listen here

Boys Don’t Cry – Joe

Russel Kane steers a conversation through the humorous and the serious to make men talk about topics they have traditionally kept to themselves. Given the stark statistics relating to young male mental health, This podcast feels timely and necessary. If you find anxiety and insecurity difficult to talk about, then listening to a panel of comedians and experts doing so is a good place to start.

Listen here

No Agenda – Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak

Podcasters, podcasting and podcast listeners owe a debt of gratitude to Adam Curry.  The former MTV presenter was at the genesis of the genre, innovating with the revolution of the internet and pursuing his desire to put radio online and make it on demand. It’s fair to say that every Gates has a Jobs, and every Edison has a Westinghouse, and if Curry didn’t have the first mover advantage we would be lauding another Godfather of podcasting.  It is however, fair to say that podcasting is where it is today because of Curry’s drive in the early years. It’s also important to highlight that No Agenda would not make this list simply on the strength of Curry’s place in podcasting history, he and Dvorak are evocative, controversial, intelligent and at all times fallible! Ever the innovator Curry (and Dvorak) break the mould with this twice weekly deconstruction of modern media and the modern world. The audience is the show, it’s an open-source, crowd-funded community of contribution, stake holders that are bucking the trend in every sense of the word, and notably make the hosts a living from podcasting, which has to be applauded. And you won’t hear a single Squarespace or Casper Mattress sponsor credit.

Listen here

The Hilarious World Of Depression

In solitude more than ever there may be a risk of slipping into the darker side of ourselves. So there’s never been a better time to face this head on and build the tools to help us cope. One such tool can be satire and laughs – and this is a show about clinical depression…with laughs! A series of frank, moving, and, yes, funny conversations with top comedians who have dealt with this disease, hosted by veteran humorist and public radio host John Moe. It’s charming as it is informative as it is needed in society today.

Notice from the producers: The Hilarious World of Depression is not medical treatment and should not be seen as a substitute for therapy or medication. But it is a chance to gain some insight, have a few laughs, and realize that people with depression are not alone and that together, we can all feel a bit better.        

Listen here

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