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How the Saudi Brothers Behind Duo Dish Dash are Transcending Boundaries and Beats

The Saudi brothers behind the DJ name Dish Dash are transcending boundaries and beats.

dish dash

Photo: Abeer Ahmed

For brothers Hassan and Abbas Ghazzawi, their love for music began at a young age. Although the brothers always listened to a variety of genres of music, what sparked their interest in house and electronic genres was watching Erick Morillo perform at Pacha in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. “We saw how the energy of the room was, and how one person could make everybody happy. It was clear right then that this is what we were meant to do,” says Hassan.

Abbas was the first brother to enter the field of DJing. He was known as A-Base and played many gigs, including private events for Red Bull, where Hassan was working at the time. Once Abbas went to the US to continue his education, Hassan decided to dabble in the field as well. When Abbas returned during university holidays, the brothers DJed together. Back then, the pair were known as the Ghazzawi Brothers and later G Brothers. The duo says they wanted a name that matched their energy and culture and resonated with audiences around the world. Playing off the term for traditional Arab garb worn by men, dishdasha, the stage name Dish Dash was born.

Although the two were inseparable and dressed alike as toddlers, when asked if there are any challenges the brothers face from working together, they answer, “We’re brothers, so we argue a lot, but the outcome is always amazing. Doing this as brothers is a dream come true for us. We enjoy every moment of it, and we feel blessed and lucky to be doing this together.”

Based in Jeddah and Berlin, the brothers always try to get studio time together. “Beginning with our upbringing and the music our parents used to listen to, to visiting different cities around the world, to experimenting with new sounds and genres, and finally all the positive changes that we see happening in Saudi, we are inspired by everything,” they share.

The brothers started seeing potential in what they were doing when the Saudi General Entertainment Authority was put into action around 2016. The first time they felt they made it was in 2019 when they shared the stages of MDLBEAST and White Oasis music festivals with renowned international artists. In 2021, the artistic duo collaborated with Montreal electronic artist Alex Lur, after meeting through their mutual friend Tone Depth. Dish Dash and Lur began sharing music until eventually they crafted “Let Love Shine,” which ranked on American electronic online music store Beatport’s top 10 list.

Speaking of their process, Dish Dash generally feel there is only so much they can prepare for before a show and that it is better to go with the flow. “The only difference between us is that I (Hassan) like to decide the first and last tracks I’m playing in our set, while Abbas likes to wait and feel the energy, then match it,” says Hassan. In 2018 Dish Dash performed at Saudi Arabia’s first ever club and public event where DJs were allowed to perform. “It was a lovely experience. To DJ in our home country was a dream come true for us,” they share.

A typical day in the life revolves around sound: “Between studio time and gigs, most of our days are spent making music and playing music,” says Dish Dash. The brothers are open to venturing outside of the techno world and are constantly exploring new sounds and genres and altering their performances based on location, audience, and line-up. Therefore, no two Dish Dash shows are the same. “Our music is guided by feeling, not limited by genres,” says the duo.

From opening and closing for MDLBEAST to performing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and being invited to Miami, London, and Bahrain, the brothers have big plans in store for the world. They are currently working on creating their own audio-visual experience and show this year, landing a residency playing somewhere they love, and starting their own record label. The pair have advice for up-and-coming creatives in the industry: “Don’t limit yourself; always explore new sounds and tastes. Experiencing new genres and cultures will help you become more diverse in your sets. Above all, stay humble.”

Originally published in the Spring/Summer 2024 issue of Vogue Man Arabia

Style: Mohammad Hazem Rezq
Production: Mohanned Turki, Shamis Ali, Latoya Kessie
Production assistant: Hussain Battar

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