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Struggling with Party Conversation? Read These to Sound Super Smart

History, habitation, and horses make up this month’s top reading picks.

Inside North Korea by Oliver Wainwright

Journalist and photographer Oliver Wainwright takes you on a tour of world’s most secretive country: North Korea. The capital, Pyongyang, was rebuilt from scratch in 1953 after being destroyed in the Korean war, and this book traces its history and development with 200 photographs. It deftly illustrates how the grand facades of marble and mosaic hide the brutal truth of this authoritarian regime. Taschen

Originally printed in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Vogue Man Arabia.

The Allure of Horses by Uli Weber

This evocative study celebrates the “ever-so-British” passion for horse-riding with a mix of fine portraiture and reportage. From steeplechasing to the Changing of the Guard, side-saddle riding through fields, and the ever- popular posh polo field, this book tells a story on every page. Shots of stables and fields at manors and estates around England showcase the ancient bond between horses and humans. Assouline

Atlas of Brutalist Architecture

This coffee table book tells the story of Brutalist architecture in 1,000 images. It includes more than 870 buildings by architects from the UK, US, Europe, Asia, and Australia – some existing, and some already demolished. Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel sit alongside Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright in this tribute to one of the most polarizing styles of modern history. Phaidon

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