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Tour The World’s Seven Natural Wonders from The Comfort of Your Home

Why is it when we can’t do something, we want to do it more? Like ticking off some of those bucket-list trips hovering on our travel list. Well, we have something that may help scratch the itch. You can now tour the awe-inspiring seven natural wonders of the world from the comfort of your sofa. Here’s how…

The Great Barrier Reef

Image courtesy Unsplash

Australia’s famous Great Barrier Reef is the largest body of coral reef in the world. Spanning more than 900 islands made up of more than 2,900 individual crystal reefs, it makes for 2574km of pure oceanic heaven.  And what could be better than an educational tour with none other than Sir David Attenborough? His familiar tones will guide you through amazing underwater sea-scapes, hypnotizing time-lapses and an exploration into the marine ecosystems and life.

Click here for the tour.

Mount Everest

Image courtesy Unsplash

Nestled in the rugged border of the Himalayas between Tibet and Nepal, this is one of nature’s most iconic creations. Towering at an incredible 848m tall, you can leave the altitude training by scaling the peaks virtually, a trip that would take over two months to conquer in real time.

Click here for the tour: Climb Mount Everest

Victoria Falls

Aptly dubbed ‘Mosi-oa-Tunga’, or ‘the smoke that thunders’ this is one Africa’s most epic attractions. At a staggering 1.6km wide and 110m high, it takes the crown as the largest waterfall in the world. This tour will give you a taster of it’s majestic tumbling waters and smoke-like spray.

Aurora Borealis

Nothing quite shows off nature’s prowess more impressively than the lights of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The Aurora is a bucket-list staple for many, and it’s no wonder this natural wonder score so highly as so many are compelled to witness the hypnotically charged cosmic particles dance with the Earth’s atmosphere, creating the greatest natural lightshows on earth.

The Grand Canyon

Image courtesy Unsplash

Running like an artery through Arizona in the United States, the canyon plows 1.8km deep and 446km long. A scarring render of the fierce Colorado River that once flowed through the rock, the iconic red, auburn, and yellow layered hues are now exposed. Best experienced by helicopter fly-over, or in our case this 360-degree aerial tour…

Click here for the tour.

Rio de Janeiro Harbour

Image courtesy Unsplash

Sheltered by Guanabara Bay in the harbor of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, its 30km coastline makes it the largest harbor in the world. Watched over by the city’s imposing mountain range rising up as far 396m above, it’s one to be seen and experienced.

Click here for the tour.


If you are not brave enough to visit an active volcano in real life then this is the perfect way to witness it. First documented in 1943, this ‘little’ guy began life as a non-threatening crack in a cornfield. It took a mere matter of moments before that crack split wide open into gaping rivers of flowing ash. In just an hour it had risen to 50 meters, and a year later, a mind-bending 450 meters high. Last active in 1952, it took out the surrounding towns and villages in its wake, but don’t worry, you’re safe on this tour from the comfort of your molten-free sofa.

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