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This New Samsung TV Will Disappear Into Your Wall

Samsung TV

Samsung TV can now blend into your wall.

New TVs come out all the time with specs that are a bit better than the previous one, but the Samsung QLED has some nifty features for the more stylish home.

It’s like the type of screen that, decades ago, we were told we’d have in the future. Lots of sci-fi films and series showed the TV when not in use as being a window or something ambient in the background. This is getting close to that ideal.

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When not in use you can overlay information and use the TV as a big frame showing images such as artworks or family portraits, or have it work as an information portal with weather and news updates.

But the idea of making it match you wall is quite clever. That ambient mode uses the SmartThings phone app. You just take a photo of your TV and the surrounding wall and the it determines the best pattern to display. The whole thing only takes a few seconds.

It also seems to work well because until now most wall-mounted TVs were a bit of a pain, with brackets at the rear that meant the TV couldn’t go flat to the wall and then the ugliness of lots of leads dangling down. Samsung have made a pretty decent effort of addressing this with a new single cable solution.

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The single optical fiber wire connects to a separate box that houses all the typical inputs – digibox, PS4, etc. This time, though, that cable also carries power so everything is now in one cable.

And the “No-Gap Wall Mount” is a clever bit of engineering and design that means your TV will sit flat on the wall. That combined with his thin it is, means that the background blending actually looks decent.

For those not wanting to wall mount, there’s a stylish three-leg stand that lets you have it freestanding in your room…

Samsung TV

…and a more typical stand for those who put their TV on a sideboard…

Samsung TV

But the ultra flat wall-mounted option, and ability to use it as an information screen that can blend into your wall, is something new and a step closer to the future we were promised as children.

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