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Ten Pairs of Stylish Aviator Shades to Help You Beat the Glare

There are sunglasses we’d like to see burnt and buried right immediately (shutter shades, anyone?) and then are the kinds of shades that never go out of style. Round, oval, wayfarer style, and of course the all-rounder of frames: the good old aviator, which has remained popular since its rise in 1937.

Originally designed by Bausch & Lomb for pilots to protect their eyes while flying, these shades are cool enough to beat the glare (and dirty looks for that matter) and versatile enough to add a masculine touch to any look you’re opting for.

The original aviator frames from WWII were made from real 12k gold, so if you’re considering a new pair, try to stick with a metal frame crafted from brass or silver. Sure, they’re a bit heavier than the plastic ones, but at least you’ll be guaranteed that they’ll take one hell of a beating.

In terms of size, make sure your new shades should closely mirror your face size: smaller frames work better with smaller faces and vice versa.

From metal frames with blue mirrored lenses to gold toned shades with leather trims, here are our favourite picks of this high-point accessory. Take them yachting, take them swimming, and whatever you do, try not to lose them.

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