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Dubai Subscription Services Launches for Sartorial Accessories

Kaizen Box

Kaizen Box subscription service for accessories.

A Dubai-based start-up, Kaizen Box, has just launched sartorial accessories subscription service that will deliver accessories to you each month.

With a focus on what they refer to as “outfit enhancers”, the subscription box guarantees a minimum of five selected color-coded items delivered to you each month.

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Ranging from Dhs119 to Dhs159 per month, (depending on the duration of the subscription), the standard items available in each box include: a tie, a pair of socks and a pocket square. In addition, two other metal-based accessories will be added to the box varying from a lapel pin, tie clip, cufflinks or a bracelet, to create an element of surprise each month.

Kaizen Box

Kaizen Box.

The name and the inspiration of this concept is derived from the Japanese word Kaizen which symbolizes the business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency.

Subscription box services have grown in popularity over the last five years with everything from razors and socks to vinyl, books and even food, all on offer as you essentially entrust someone else to choose things for you based on information you have given them.

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All of the items are sourced from around the world, yet boxed and delivered from Dubai. The accessories are selected following key fashion trends and styles revealed at global fashion weeks. Although the boxes are pre-curated, customers have the option to choose the color scheme every month.

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