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Ryoko: Dubai-Based Leather Goods Worth Investing In


Ryoko bags and accessories

Ryoko is a Dubai-based leather goods company that specializes in bags, wallets, folio cases, and the type of accessories you never knew you wanted but probably need. With a range that includes trays and organizers for your coins, keys, phone, sunglasses, it’s a company that can help you organize everything you need to lay your hands on before leaving the house.

“Ryoko” means “travel” in Japanese, and it’s clear these are products designed to withstand the knocks endured while traveling. The company was started by husband and wife team Anirban and Noon Basu, with just that idea: making well-designed leather bags and accessories for travelers and casual photographers. And they’re products that will take on that lovely worn look with each time you head out the door to use them. 


Ryoko wallets

The brand’s products are made from “full-grain” leather, which is the very top layer of the hide, where the fibers are strongest and most durable. Each piece is hand-cut, hand-punched, and individually stitched.

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Ryoko is sold in stores in Dubai, Lebanon, and Singapore as well as online, and have now extended their products to include wooden desk organizers (like the Paddington Station), which are made from a single piece.

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