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Yes, There is a Louis Vuitton Table Tennis Set… It’s Not Cheap

Louis Vuitton table tennis

Louis Vuitton table tennis set and other gift items.

If you’re currently looking for stocking fillers, and money is not a barrier, then Louis Vuitton has a table tennis set for you. Yes, really.

It comes with a Monogram Eclipse canvas cover that holds two “professionally-designed” paddles – because you want to avoid all the amateur table tennis bat designers currently out there – that are made from wood and finished with LV circle medals. Also included is a custom holder in matching canvas for the four regulation balls.

The downside is that the Louis Vuitton table tennis set costs $2,210.

If that’s out of your budget range, don’t worry, there’s a jump rope for $460 or a set of playing cards in a wallet for $415.

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