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This Beirut-Born Fashion Entrepreneur is One of the Reasons Why Middle Eastern Men are Among the World’s Best Dressed

Encouraged by a fascination for fashion and fueled by his passion for creativity, Beirut-born fashion entrepreneur Amer Ejjeh carries on his family’s bespoke legacy of the heritage luxury fashion house, EJJEH 1926. During a conversation with Vogue Man Arabia, Ejjeh recalls his first major sartorial purchase was a tailored suit. “It was one of the moments where I understood and appreciated the difference in tailored items, how a tailor-made bespoke suit made just for me differed from any ready-to-wear item. For me, that was the epitome of fashion, something delicate made just for you.”

Founded in 1926, the Ejjeh 1926 family tailoring business is the leading handmade and ready-to-wear menswear clothing company in the Middle East. Leaning on his previous experience in men’s fashion, Ejjeh is determined to share what goes into creating a bespoke suit — “creating a bespoke suit is art, but more like surgical art, because the first step is to take the measurement of the client and more importantly understand the client’s body, the form, the shape, the posture, his movement, and not solely the numbers on the measuring tape,” Ejjeh notes.

He prides himself on a unique and innate ability to design and create bespoke pieces that fit each customer exclusively, “I always strive to make it unique and keep the returning customer in mind, I encourage them to be open minded to different patterns and colors, and not limit them to the standard grey, black or navy suit. Nevertheless, designing a bespoke suit, is designing a masterpiece, which gives me more creative liberty, combining different cuts pattens and details.”

What differentiates Ejjeh 1926 bespoke suits from others is the cut, the fit executed by excellent craftsmanship and real understanding for his clients, and taking a very individual approach. Ejjeh strives on his one to one approach, focusing on client service as an integral part of the brand identity, growth, and mission. “Creating timeless, elegant and unique pieces is our motto, every piece is curated with the utmost attention to detail,” he shares. Moving forward, Ejjeh is determined to make the brand accessible across all the GCC markets, have set locations where clients can visit and live the experience of EJJEH 1926. “A real first hand experience of the brand, our designs and quality, where the client is able to explore our ready to wear pieces and compliment their looks with our exclusive collection of accessories.”

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