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Amir Eid Stars Alongside All the Important Women in His Life in a Campaign Celebrating Mother’s Day

Amir Eid with his mother-in-law, wife, sister-in-law, and his mother’s caregiver. Photo: Courtesy of Azza Fahmy  

Cairokee lead singer Amir Eid and all the women significant to his life are the stars of a new Mother’s Day campaign by Azza Fahmy. The Egyptian jeweler is celebrating the eternal power of motherhood by bringing together motherly figures in the campaign titled It Takes A Village.

“We wanted to celebrate mother’s day differently this year,” says Amina Ghali, designer and Azza Fahmy’s daughter. “Our aim was to shed light on all other motherly figures that help in shaping us, even though our mothers will always remain our heroes.”

“Seeing it from a man’s perspective was very interesting and new for us,” she adds. “Eid, who was chosen as the star of this campaign, shares with us in a real and raw way the bond he has with his own tribe.”

Amir Eid and his mother-in-law, Gulsun. Photo: Courtesy of Azza Fahmy

In the campaign, Eid is seen starring with his own mother, Ebtessam, who is a source of unconditional love and strength for the singer; never undermining his intelligence, and reminding him that becoming rich is about so much more than monetary gains.

Amir Eid and his wife Layla Izzet. Photo: Courtesy of Azza Fahmy

Besides Eid’s friend and renowned artist Laila Izzet, the campaign also features his wife Layla Omar El-Farouk, with whom he allows himself to be vulnerable. Representing perseverance, patience, and wisdom, Eid’s sister-in-law, and his mother’s care caregiver also star in the campaign.

Amir Eid and his sister-in-law, Hend Radwan. Photo: Courtesy of Azza Fahmy

To mark the occasion of Mother’s Day, Azza Fahmy has released a new capsule collection. The highlight of the collection is an inscribed necklace with words sung by Um Kulthoum that mean, “She is my love story.”

Amir Eid and his mother’s caregiver, Mahaseen. Photo: Courtesy of Azza Fahmy

“My mom is my role model, but I grew up around a strong tribe of women who contributed to who I’ve become today,” shares Ghali of the inspiration behind the campaign. “My aunt, my sister Fatma, and my mom’s friends all lead by example and were inspiring in so many ways. I was lucky to have such incredible women in my life who helped shaped me.”

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