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This Collaboration Will Bring Private Fittings and Luxury Tailoring to Your Doorstep

Mini Middle East and Ascots & Chapels’ Visiting Tailor. Courtesy

You can now expect private fittings to arrive at your door in the iconic Mini Clubman. The quintessentially British luxury tailoring house Ascots & Chapels has teamed up with automotive brand Mini Middle East to finesse personalized tailoring. The surprising collaboration brings together fashion and automobiles in a stylish affair, giving birth to an exclusive service, ‘Visiting Tailor’.

Known for quality hand-made suits in the UAE, Gary Sweeney, Brand and Style Director at Ascots & Chapels says, “I had this idea of a ‘boys night in’ where men can get together at a friend’s home and have their favorite tailor swing by, or a guy can call us to his office and have himself measured and select fabrics at his convenience.”

Dripping with the essence of British heritage, both brands merge timeless style and excellence. “The new Mini Clubman is well crafted and smartly accented, exclusive and yet attainable. This fits exactly with our vision,” Sweeney said in a statement.

Mini Middle East and Ascots & Chapels’ Visiting Tailor. Courtesy

A cross between style and function, the Mini Clubman has spacious interiors, sporty engine options, and the latest Mini onboard entertainment systems, accompanying Sweeny and his team for private fittings and events.

Andreas Gollwitzer, Head of Mini Middle East says, “Mini and the world of fashion have always enjoyed a unique and inspiring partnership,” adding that the car represents “an exciting, fun and intelligent choice that is steeped in an incredible heritage of ground-breaking creativity, stylish performance, and unique design.”

With an illustrious past of creating stylish garments, Sweeney’s team will arrive in supreme Mini Clubman across the UAE to deliver their unmatched service, for anyone looking to upgrade their personal tailoring experience.

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