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All the Unmissable Moments from the Latest Menswear Collections

To say the past few months have endowed the sartorial world with unforgettable lessons in the endless power of human potential, innovation, and adaptability in the face of turmoil a is an understatement one would be hard-pressed to argue. Despite a fashion calendar hanging in the balance and an evolving industry landscape with a future yet to be revealed, the world’s leading designers unveiled their latest menswear collections in a flurry of presentations that defied the archetype of traditional runway shows. From physically embracing the freedom of the natural outdoors to digitally playing with unconventional backdrops, no two presentations in this changing reality were alike. This renewed vigor in experimentation didn’t stop there, seeping into the designs themselves and kindling spring/summer and resort 2021 seasons embued with creative eclecticism.

Matching sets quickly reigned supreme, doubling the fun in a harmonious blend of two-piece combinations that can be worn together or split apart for an infinite series of interchangeable looks. As a time-and-tested master of alternative glamor, Versace debuted cropped wide-pant suits reminiscent of the 80s in pastel hues and its signature snakeskin patterns for an unmistakable youthful vibe. Drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty of the Mediterranean, Dolce & Gabbana‘s diaphanous sets in shades of cerulean and white are the ideal choice for a summer staycation. Meanwhile, Gucci delved into its archives and reimagined its infamous botanical prints on silk co-ords accessorized with grandiose neck bows and sleeveless denim vests in a dynamic portrayal of modern-day masculinity.

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An equal mix of electric colors and muted tones yielded an expansive color palette to match any stay-at-home or out-and-about experience, from Dior‘s uncharacteristically neon joggers and MSGM‘s marbled tie-dye outerwear to Jacquemus‘ neutral throw-on-and-go casualwear and Jil Sander‘s monochromatic pieces. Suits prove a wardrobe staple once again with Prada demonstrating the timelessness of a sleek tailored look and Moschino infusing a contemporary edge with a bold, polka-dotted clad ensemble. While fitted tailoring will never go out of style, Ermenegildo Zegna‘s layering of oversized silhouettes and Etro‘s soft and structured blazers are seasonal iterations apt for the warm weather ahead.

While each designer had their own perspective on how to best capture this extraordinary moment we are currently experiencing, they have all aligned in one common thread: At the end of every tunnel is a light and it’s clear it will shine brightly on this inimitable legacy of creativity and self-expression.

Click through the gallery above for our edit of the best looks and most unmissable moments from the latest menswear collections.

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