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These are the Biggest Menswear Trends for the New Decade

From your next holiday ensemble to pastel suits, we’re predicting the most essential trends on menswear for the next decade

Wrapping up the lasts menswear shows of the Spring/Summer 2020 calendar, it’s quite absurd to think that this is the first prediction in fashion we get for the coming decade. After the runway shows, we feel enlightened and emancipated for the next Spring/Summer season, with the ultimate takeaway from this edition being buoyancy. The collections were light both in terms of colors and fabrics, with cotton voile, linen, airy summer knits and transparent layering across all designers. Even if black was present for the Spring/summer season, it felt just right when mixed with the right colors and silhouettes.

Summer blacks will give you the edge you need while soaking the sun on your next summer holiday. Although some designers incorporated a myriad of blacks in their collections, the message is clear: color is back. Delicious pastel colors were reigning the runway: mint, lavender, peach, ivory, mandarin, and the list goes on. The catwalk’s message is clear: for 2020, invest in your favorite candy colors. In an era when everything seems to be done, we see an increasing trend of hybridism, where designers are mixing various and often contradicting references into one single collection. From streetwear merged with tailoring, as seen on Dior and Louis Vuitton, to sportswear blended with utility wear as on Fendi, to tribalism elegantly mixed with chic leisurewear as seen on JW Andersson and Jil Sander, stylistic rules are slowly being blurred out.

Think of the next summer as your favorite 80s movie shot in the south of Italy. Following the patterns of retail, vacation-wear has gained more importance in the last years, and you can now scoop your next holiday wardrobe directly from the catwalk. Beach friendly looks as seen on Maison Kitsuné, with tonal checks and bold summer stripes, designers suggest you book your next retreat already now.

To mark an homage to Karl Lagerfeld, Karl For Ever was the first industry celebration of the life of the designer, held at the Grand Palais in Paris. “Clothes are the first thing you think of when you imagine an era—you think of pannier dresses when you say the 18th century, before architecture or anything else.” We’ve listed out the key trends for the first summer of the decade:


Traveling and summer are synonymous, and a voyageur’s wardrobe has never been more eclectic. Designers sincerely have the chic traveler in mind while creating their worldly collections. Colors are earthy and warm, such as beige, browns and khaki combined with pops of color as seen on Neil Barett. Wherever you’ll be going, there will be something to wear for every single destination.

Cargo trousers


The runway has taken a notably functional turn over the last couple of seasons, and needless to say, utility is here to stay. Some of us have been dreading cargo trousers like the plague, reminding us of our dads on holiday actually utilizing every single pocket available on them. Nonetheless, Fendi showed one that will probably be more appealing to a younger crowd, and Italian brand Sunnei demonstrated how to coordinate them with a matching summer sweater and a pair of colorful neon socks.

Shoulder pads


There will be no 80s party without a set of shoulder pads. Even for the timid, suits were sculptured softly with a smaller pad just for posture fixes. While for the bolder guy brands such as Raf Simons gave the waist a little tuck, enhancing the shoulder pads effect to the next level.



This humble hue of white is as much a timeless staple as a trendy shade for summer. Opt for mixing different textures in ivory, as seen on JW Andersson and Off-White. This luscious color resembles purity and minimalism while giving its wearer the lightness you want for a summer season.



The sartorial classic was big last season, nevertheless, the suit is gaining more traction for the coming one. The double-breasted version of this menswear wardrobe essential was without a doubt the newcomer of the season, however, you want it to be roomy and combinable with your favorite pairs of sneakers, as seen on Givenchy.

Tropical All-Over-Prints


The prints are without a doubt the biggest highlights of each collection. They firmly emphasize the mood and direction for the coming season. This time around, designers definitely enjoyed an equatorial stay before designing their last collections, with elements such as tigers and flowers reoccurring on multiple collections, including Raf Simons and D&G. Colour palettes are based on greens and beiges, with zesty pops of color such as orange and yellow to resemble the tropical jungle.



Leather jackets are known to be worn year after year, and even if they are the inverse to a trend, next season we’ll be returning to our favorite wardrobe staple. Perfect for chilly nights by the beach, or just worn over your favorite shirt before a night out, the leather jacket will surely save your life.

Summer Blacks


Black is not normally associated with summer and sun, but when styled correctly you definitely get the extra edge you need. You want your summer garments in black, maybe with a wash, and you want to mix them with light earthy tones or pastel colors.

Monochrome Sets


Every single brand had probably a monochrome look, and it was probably a suit. Designers want you to be head to toe in your favorite color, a trend that was probably initiated by Virgil Abloh when he took over the menswear collections at Louis Vuitton. Every brand seems to be convinced to have one and have jumped on this trend immediately, meaning you can get this look in every possible color you can imagine. Lavender, however, seems to be the biggest favorite of them all.

Short Sleeve


For some not even considered a real shirt, nobody will deny the fact the short-sleeve shirts are very easy to wear and surprisingly comfortable. They can be styled in endless ways, ranging in colors such as crispy whites to more summery shades of turquoise and mint.



Knitted or in jersey, vests have been out of the picture for quite a while, but after seeing them on Versace, we’re convinced a vest is all we need to look stylish next spring/summer. They look good with anything, especially styled over shirts with a pair of sleek trousers.



Everyone loves stripes during summer, and even if they come in countless variations, you want to opt for the bolder version as seen on Emporio Armani, or a multi-colored stripe as done by Jil Sander. The look should be sharp and modern, but relaxed and effortless at the same time.

Summer Knits


Knits are notoriously what we look forward to for each winter season, but for the spring/summer of 2020, you want to invest in good quality summer knits as well. With cotton versions in airy knits being the most common for summer, they are perfect for when the weather cools down at night. Also, they look super chic styled together with nearly anything.



This classic sportswear fabric took us by storm when Prada showed their latest collection. Typical for windbreakers, bomber jackets and anoraks, you want to mix it with tailored pieces to look up to date with the trends of the coming spring/summer.

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