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Chris Pratt Launches Tumi’s Latest Campaign in Hong Kong

How confident is Hollywood leading man Chris Pratt that a velociraptor couldn’t destroy his Tumi luggage? “Very!” the Jurassic World superstar laughs. “I’m not sure I would survive; my remains would be next to a perfectly preserved Tumi backpack!”


As a longtime Tumi user, it seems a natural evolution for Pratt to star in the luggage brand’s latest campaign, which was recently launched in Hong Kong. “We were looking for someone dynamic, fun, maybe handsome,” quips Victor Sanz, Tumi creative director. “We’re thrilled to have Chris star in our newest campaign for Asia Pacific and the Middle East, with our iconic – and his favorite – Alpha 3 and Alpha Bravo collections. Chris represents a new age of leading men in Hollywood. He’s bold and genuine.”

For Pratt, joining Tumi was an easy decision, as a longtime user of the near-indestructible luggage. “I started using Tumi about 10 years ago, when a girlfriend told me I was too old to carry a childish backpack. I needed an upgrade and chose Tumi. I’m a fan of durability. I don’t like having to replace things; they should last a lifetime. I travel a lot and you know how it goes – baggage handlers throw your luggage around, run over it with a truck… You can drop your Tumi off a building and everything will still be safe inside.”


It was the star’s first trip to the Chinese city, where he was joined by celebrities like actor and singer Linda Chung and Eunis Chan, and Saudi tastemaker Dr Hassan Ghoneim. Pratt sat down with Vogue Man Arabia in Hong Kong to talk about his worst packing habits, which country in the Middle East is his most memorable movie location, and whether he’s a roller or a folder… 

Which of your characters do you not want to sit next to on a long-haul flight?
It could be kind of awesome to be stuck next to any of them but I guess Star-Lord [from Guardians of the Galaxy] because there’s a chance somebody’s going to try to kidnap him and blow up the plane. So the element of danger would make me say Star-Lord. 

You’ve mentioned that you always pack last-minute. What is something you always forget?
If there wasn’t a last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done! It’s always deodorant. Or a toothbrush sometimes. It’s the stuff you think you would definitely want to have, that I don’t have. It’s always something, though. My friends who travel with me call me Yard-sale because behind me is all the stuff I’ve left behind.

How do you pack? Are you a roller or a folder?
I’m getting better at packing, I haven’t always been great. My fiancé [Katherine Schwarzenegger] is good at it so she helps. I’m a roller, not a folder. Tumi has these great packing cubes with a zipper, so all your clothes are organized. I can fit a week’s worth of clothes in two carry-on bags. My current favorites are the Alpha 3 Brief Pack and Alpha 3 Carry-On. 

On long-haul flights, do you eat, sleep, or watch movies?
I sleep if I can. I don’t eat, I prefer to sleep. Don’t wake me up for airplane food!

What keeps you grounded?
Faith, family, and my farm. It’s in Washington State. We have an orchard and we’ve just finished a really magnificent spring. We have cherries blossoming, we have figs, pears, sheep, cows, and chickens.


What are five things you can’t travel without?
My Rubik’s cube, laptop, a note, drawing, or toy from my son, exercise resistance bands to work out, my necklace, and my Tumi Alpha 3 Brief Pack.

Which movie location has been the most memorable for you?
Jordan, where we shot Zero Dark Thirty in 2012. I went to see Petra, which was incredible.


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