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How to Buy the Perfect Swim Shorts… And What to Avoid

Whether you plan on hitting the Copacabana or just splashing around in your local swimming pools, it all starts with the perfect swim gear.

A handsome pair of swim shorts is a man´s essential and should flatter your body rather than making you look like the “beach clown”. Take note and follow these rules before you take the plunge.

Think simple in terms of patterns and prints. Shorts with palm trees, similes and heart prints, we’ve seen it all. In fact, at one point it became a contest of who could wear the most hideous print, and for that, gentlemen, we all lose.

Colors on the warm end of the spectrum in any shade, from pastels to brighter colors and rich, deeper tones are a safe bet if you have an olive or dark skin tone. Other than that; dark solid hues like black, grey and navy are your best friend.

As for length, opt for shorts that are not too long and not too short. One inch above your kneecap should be ok. Speedos? Wear at own risk.

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