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Dior x Parley Collaborate on New Beachwear Capsule Made From Ocean Plastic

Dior held a talk this week at its 30 Montaigne Paris boutique to mark the launch of its second beachwear collection with Parley for the Oceans. Dior menswear designer Kim Jones and Parley founder Cyrill Gutsch discussed their inspired relationship and their thoughts for the future. “We all felt that we wanted to do something. Getting to the point of doing this collection, to the level of Dior so that you feel it’s a luxury project, was a process,” started Jones.

Dior and Parley started a joint eco-innovative research project in 2019. Together they have created new yarns and fabrics designed from Parley Ocean Plastic®, created with upcycled marine plastic debris and fishing gear recovered from coastlines and remote islands around the world. The material was reworked in Dior’s ateliers with artisans creating high-quality fabrics like seersucker, silky knit, and a technical fabric punctuated with the Dior Oblique motif adorning the Dior Aqua mini bag.

“Everyone was very passionate. I was in Indonesia last year and saw a tremendous amount of plastic . What you can do to help, you should do. 96% of the collection is made of recycled plastic. If you’re going to the Maldives and you purchase pieces that help nature, why not?” The designs have an intimate notion. Bubbles splayed across a wet suit were photographed from a dive with whales in Tahiti that Jones experienced. The Dior designer explained that this project was inspired by the historical ties of Monsieur Dior with nature. The couturier bellied a deep passion for flowers and gardens, but also for the sea, living by the waves in Granville as a child.

Parley founder Gutsch commented that when speaking of the future of the planet, “We have to wash away the seriousness and doomsday approach, it didn’t get us anywhere. We believe in the power of creativity. We also believe in technology. People are scared of change; they don’t want to change their processes and habits. We have to make it very desirable and attractive; we have to seduce. Design and art are the most important allies for us in that journey. We must show that this is such an exciting one. It’s not something that we have to fear.” Jones added, “I saw so many beautiful things when I was young, and I want them to be there for the next generation.” Gutsch furthers, “Wearing a piece of Dior x Parley is an act of rebellion, it shows that you care dearly. It shows that you want to solve the environmental crisis we are facing. In a creative and optimistic way. Together with Kim Jones and his fantastic team we have delivered the proof that driving the Material Revolution is not a sacrifice, but answers to a new desire. To protect the oceans, to protect our climate, and to protect our future.”

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